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Volume recruiting leverages new ideas designed with the client in mind

Utilizing recruiting packages offers dramatic cost savings, productivity and efficiency gains on staffing needs, while simultaneously raising the bar for quality and consistency, allowing clients to be completely flexible as needs come and go.

How it works

In order to understand your total savings, it is necessary to explain the various dimensions of utilizing outside staffing services. For example, two of the most common or traditional types of recruiting services are detailed below and illustrated in the downloadable chart on the right.

In the first scenario, a company is compelled to hire a contract recruiter to handle its needs and incurs various expenses and liabilities accordingly. This includes payroll taxes and W2 burdens up-front, then multiple expenses, such as job board fees, business expenses (cell/email/computer) and management responsibilities.

In the second scenario, an external staffing agency is engaged to provide on-demand services at a costly commission. On one hand, they work for “free” until a placement is made; on the other hand, these fees can average more than $15K per hire, which is not sustainable or sensible in even the most profitable environments. Oftentimes, loyalties can be tested, and it may become difficult to judge if the client’s best interest is top priority.

As part of each project, AdvenTech provides the following comprehensive recruiting package services:

  • Complete File Analysis and Preparation. Your project is professionally set up to leverage all company assets, reducing project costs and turnaround times.
  • Complete Bundled Recruiting Services. Utilization of recruiting teams who will be accessible to meet the client’s needs.
  • Quality Assurance of All Files. QA checking for formatting, spelling, grammar and more.
  • Account Management. Your project will have a full-time account manager throughout its duration.

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