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As your company grows successfully, so will your requirements for technology advancement. Having partnered with many Fortune 500 companies, AdvenTech is here to play an integral and engaged role within your organization in order to fulfill your needs in a cost-effective manner. Our objective is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, employees and consultants. In order to pursue this, we chose to concentrate on our competitive strength – IT Consulting Solutions. We conduct a structured and thorough recruiting process in harmony with the talented recruiting professionals that we employ so that you are provided with engaged and hard-to-find, qualified technologists, working for a lucrative long-term growth strategy with your utmost satisfaction in mind.

Advantages of choosing AdvenTech for your staffing needs include:

  • Onshore Relationship Management. AdvenTech takes over as a single point of contact for your staffing needs. A sole onshore contact is available for management of the offshore point of contact and is involved in operational reviews, conflict resolution and available to communicate your requirements for staffing needs.
  • Offshore Single Point of Contact. To ensure that communication lines are never broken, AdvenTech has a single point of contact abroad in order to make certain that the offshore team is provided with the proper direction, appropriate training and has the proper skills in order to fulfill your IT needs.

Working with AdvenTech has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. Their staffing team was extremely friendly, prompt and concise in accommodating us, allowing for a satisfying experience from beginning to end. You would be hard-pressed to find a more professional team in the industry. I certainly would welcome the opportunity to work with AdvenTech again!

Mohid Munir, XAXIS Solutions, Inc.

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