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Maintaining vendor relationships can be time-consuming and complicated. Valuable resources can be tied up dealing with service issues, such as contract management, complaints and/or compliance. AdvenTech is set up to take over as one point of contact, so your team can work with various companies surrounding your contract staffing needs. Your accounting and procurement departments will save time by having a single point of contact for invoicing, accounts payable and on-boarding.

Included VMS services:

  • Centralized Invoicing. AdvenTech will provide your accounting department with consistent invoices per their specifications.
  • Standardized Timesheet Submittal. Your team leads and hiring managers will work with one consistent format when approving consultants’ weekly time.
  • On-Boarding Compliance. Procurement can be assured that all forms are received, and each new consultant is set up properly before the start date. This saves future headaches of invoicing issues and/or delays to the end client.
  • Regulated Markups. AdvenTech will audit all vendors for markup compliance by quarterly wage reviews.
  • Vendor List Analysis. AdvenTech will create a year-end report outlining activity and markup details. This can be used to reevaluate the vendor list each year for compliance and quality.

VMS will save you time and money. Finally, vendors will work with full transparency, and your teams won’t need to deal with the confusion of working with endless individuals to complete their responsibilities.

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