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Becoming the primary support for your IT infrastructure doesn’t just happen overnight. AdvenTech approaches your IT infrastructure solution with a high level of attention to transition management. Our process includes a phased approach, taking into account your specific goals, as well as the unique sensitivities of your organization.

1st Step – Due Diligence. AdvenTech conducts a detailed review of your environment to understand your current infrastructure support model. This critical step in the process includes taking inventory of your hardware, competitive environment and supplemental staffing.

2nd Step – Knowledge Gathering. Learning from existing resources is an important next step in transition management. Understanding your support needs is best done by reviewing your existing documents, surveying current infrastructure performance and learning about your current training procedures. Knowledge gathering allows us to develop new support documentation to ensure that your infrastructure runs smoothly.

3rd Step – Secondary Support. After knowledge gathering and surveying existing resources, the next step in transition management is to work with your current team to ensure the switch in becoming your primary support is easily made.

4th Step – Primary Support. The last phase to transition management is to take over as your main support.

Transition management can be a large effort, and thus, the duration of the entire process may vary on the complexity of your environment.

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I have had great success working with AdvenTech. They are a team that works with me and is growing. Tami and Stacy show interest in each person they work with, and that makes a difference. As a contractor and small business owner, the personal attention makes all the difference in the world.

Ray Hilson, CEO Digicom Computer Services

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