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Analytics > SAP Crystal Solutions

SAP Crystal Solutions

Drive faster, more informed decision making across your small business with SAP Crystal solutions. These affordable business intelligence (BI) tools can help you serve up interactive reports and dashboards, and use powerful data visualization and discovery – for the insights you need, when you need them.Use the SAP Crystal solutions resources below to learn how AdvenTech can help you gain actionable insights into your business.

What is Business Intelligence? The answer is in your fridge.

We live in a world of information overload. Let’s look at your business and the data you generate like the contents of your refrigerator. And just like your fridge, it’s hard to know everything that’s inside unless you can really take a good look—all the way into the back! This brief video simplifies the world of business intelligence and explains why analytics is critical to success.

Related Resources

  • What's New: Key Features in SAP Crystal Solutions 2013This What’s New guide for the 2013 release of SAP Crystal solutions provides a brief overview of key enhancements that have been added to SAP Crystal Server 2013, SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design since the previous release.
  • SAP Crystal Solutions: Clear Path to Business IntelligenceThis solution brief examines how decision makers trying to improve business performance require reliable, timely information. This is solved for them with integrated reporting, dashboard, presentation, and analysis solutions . All available with SAP® Crystal solutions. These tools can help you gain broader insight, perform root cause analysis, and monitor business performance in real time.
  • Mobile BI to Help Your Workfore Run Smarter AnywhereDecision making doesn’t just happen in the office building or the conference room. The speed of today’s business requires your organization to take action and deliver results from anywhere. SAP® Crystal Server software, with its add- on for mobile solutions, gives the power of here-and-now analytics to your workforce, so they can engage customers and take action with confidence.
  • Interactive Dashboards for Decision MakersCompanies today face the challenge of gathering and interpreting overwhelming volumes of ever-changing information from disparate data sources. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software allows you to create interactive dashboards from multiple sources, including spreadsheets and live corporate data, so you can keep an accurate pulse of your company for effective decision making.
  • Harness the Power of Analytics Across Lines of Business with Speed and EaseCompanies that use analytics can transform their data into business advantage. But high performance analytics have been beyond the reach of many organizations. Now you can power your business without breaking your budget using the analytics edition of SAP Crystal Server software.
  • Comparison of Features by Version: For the SAP Crystal Reports Family of OfferingsWhich of the SAP Crystal solutions is right for your company? Download this report to compare the business intelligence solutions in this product family. With a detailed list of features, you will have a starting point for evaluating your choices and making the most effective decision for your organization. Don't guess: use this document to find out which of the SAP Crystal solutions is the best fit for your needs.
  • BI Just Got Smarter for SMBsRead this report to see how you can get a 360-degree view of your business at any time. Affordable business intelligence solutions provide the flexibility and analytical capabilities you need to understand the opportunities for your organization and to enable profitable growth. With SAP Crystal solutions, your organization can make smarter decisions through better access to data and improved presentation design.
  • IT Director's PerspectiveLearn how BI software from SAP can transform the way you work in IT.
  • Sales and Marketing Director's PespectiveLearn how BI software from SAP can transform the way you work in Sales and Marketing.


Steer a Course for Success with SAP Crystal Solutions 2013 Steer a Course for Success with SAP Crystal Solutions 2013

Explore this whiteboard video describing the SAP Crystal solutions portfolio. This video helps SME organizations recognize that the power of SAP’s latest BI solution, is not out or reach and that SAP understands the needs of smaller organizations.

Think SAP is too big? Think again. (2 min video) Think SAP is too big? Think again. (2 min video)

Do you believe your company is too small for SAP solutions? Think again! Seventy-seven percent of SAP customers are small and mid-sized businesses – just like yours. Watch this video to see why nearly 80,000 businesses across 25 industries use SAP solutions to drive results and improve their operations. Learn how using the right tools can help you run your business more effectively.

Want to find information on Crystal products all in one place? Check out our new series of videos on YouTube. These videos are intended to help introduce you to the various solutions in the product line.

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Learn how AdvenTech can help you use SAP solutions to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
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